Scott and I decided to try the South Beach Diet to drop a few pounds this summer. I have found that dieting in general makes us both grumpy. We can’t eat the things we want to eat, at least we choose not to while attempting to stay on the diet. The South Beach is all about eating protein and green veggies for the first two weeks; no carbs, no fruit, no sweets. It’s amazing how I crave certain foods when I’m forbidden to eat them. I love fruit, and can’t wait for the two weeks to end so I can enjoy the fresh produce that is so bountiful this time of year. But when it is salt I’m craving, nothing takes the place of a good corn or potato chip. I decided to get a little creative today with the veggies I am allowed to eat.
Mention the word “kale” around my house and my husband is ready to throw it to the wild rabbits that dart through our yard in the early mornings. He doesn’t like the roughness of the leaves, but perhaps I could get him to enjoy a few if they were crisp like a chip. Making kale chips is easy and I would venture to say, much healthier than a potato chip.
Preheat your oven to 275 degrees. Begin by washing one bunch of kale, then blot completely dry with a paper towel. Tear the leaves off the hard stems and place into a large bowl. Pour two tablespoons of Olive Oil over the leaves and sprinkle with Sea Salt. Mix the oil and salt into the leaves well. This will soften the kale.
  Place the freshly rubbed kale onto a cookie sheet and into a
275 degree oven for 20-30 minutes, turning over after ten minutes.
The kale will shrivel to nearly half its size.
Remove from oven and allow kale to dry before eating.
(It should crumble in your mouth, like a chip.)
The outcome: he didn’t feed it to the rabbits, quite opposite. He said, “Wow! This tastes really great. I could eat this all day”. Kale chips may become a staple around here; at least while we’re on this diet.

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