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Gluten-free Pancakes with Southern Eggnog Syrup

GF Pancakes with Eggnog Syrup

I really love the Christmas season, family gatherings, and cooking up yummy things to eat, and I especially love when I get inspired, and making eggnog syrup from Evan William’s Original Southern Eggnog was, well, deliciously inspired! If you have ever tried this warm, festive beverage, you’ll know what I mean. It takes pure maple syrup to a whole [Read More]

Salsa Verde Egg Casserole with Verde Cream

Salsa Verde Egg Casserole

To all my dairy-free friends, I’m sorry, this is not dairy-free, but to those who can eat dairy, this Salsa Verde Egg Casserole with Verde Cream is delicious! I had a houseful of guests recently and hadn’t planned my breakfast meals very carefully. Quickly perusing the refrigerator, I found eggs, cheese, sour cream, and Italian sausage. [Read More]