The winters are long here in the Pacific Northwest. Cold begins settling in around the end of October and lasts until as late as early June. This morning was a foggy, misty morning with a bit of hoarfrost clinging to the branches. As I write I am watching a quail peck at the hard ground for a little bite of food, which seems so scarce this time of year. I am thankful we don’t have to forage that way during the winter.

Fresh farm eggs in cream
Fresh farm eggs in cream

I recently purchased farm fresh eggs and fresh cream from a local market. I love eggs baked in fresh cream. If you are dairy intolerant, I’m not sure of a good substitute (so sorry). You could possibly try almond or rice milk, but I have not, so I’m not quite sure how the outcome would be. One reason this recipe works so well, is that the cream thickens as it bakes, so using a different milk might not work well. if you can tolerate dairy, and you enjoy soft-boiled eggs, I can almost guarantee you will love this recipe. Tarragon is one of the spices that works perfect with eggs. I picked up some fresh tarragon from a local market when we were in France a few months ago, and I try to use the spice as often as I can, it is one of my favorites.

French tarragon over creamed eggs might just be the easiest recipe I have on my blog. It works perfect if you have company, because you can bake them all at once. And they make a beautiful presentation in their individual ramekins. They taste very similar to soft-boiled eggs, but that bit of whole cream adds a delicious taste to the dish, so fresh and creamy. Another favorite egg recipe to try is prosciutto & kale quiche.

French Tarragon over Creamed Eggs
French tarragon is the perfect spice for creamed eggs.

Even though it appears there is a large amount of cream in this recipe, there actually is a very small amount, making the calorie count not too bad; only 2 tablespoons of cream per ramekin making the dish 190 calories. That’s not too bad when you consider a cinnamon roll is almost 600 calories! Okay, a cinnamon roll sounds pretty good but remember we are eating clean this month! No sugar, no processed foods. I hope you are doing well on it if you are following eating clean for this month. I am so proud of my family. We have a group family text going and post our meals each day to show what we’ve been eating. It hasn’t been easy, especially for my youngest son who is not married and doesn’t do a lot of cooking on his own, but I have been very proud of how well he is maintaining eating clean, at least 10 days into it! They say if you can stick with something for at least 21 days it can become habit-forming. Eating clean would be a good habit for us all.

A Bite of Creamed Eggs
A delicious bite of Fench tarragon Creamed Eggs.

French Tarragon over Creamed Eggs

Serves 4
Prep time 5 minutes
Cook time 10 minutes
Total time 15 minutes
Dietary Gluten-free
Meal type Breakfast
The individual ramekins of creamed eggs with a sprinkling of French Tarragon make this an easy but elegant dish to serve your morning guests.


  • 8 Medium eggs (organic free range)
  • 8 tablespoons cream (whole fresh cream)
  • 1 tablespoon French tarragon (for sprinkling)
  • salt & pepper (to taste)
  • 1 tablespoon butter (for inside of ramekins)


Step 1
Take butter and swipe the inside of each of the four ramekin dishes.
Step 2
Place two tablespoons of cream in each of the four ramekins.
Step 3
Crack two medium sized eggs into the cream of each ramekin.
Step 4
Sprinkle with salt, pepper, and French tarragon over the top of the eggs.
Step 5
Place in a 425 degree oven for 10-14 minutes (14 minutes if you like your egg yolks firm).
Step 6
Serve hot from the oven.

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33 comments on “French Tarragon over Creamed Eggs”

  1. I love how descriptive you are. The way you described the foggy misty morning, I could totally imagine how it was like 🙂

    I do have to say, after spending 2 weeks in Canada over Christmas, I’m definitely done with winter, and enjoying being back in California!! 🙂

    This french tarragon looks good – I should bookmark it for a weekend where I like trying new recipes!

  2. I love baked eggs and tarragon individually, but I haven’t tried them together. I can imagine how wonderfully flavorful and fragrant that would be.

  3. I have always loved eggs, but when I started dating my [now] French husband I realized there was a whole other world to eggs and I wondered where it had been all my life. I don’t think anyone does eggs better than the French and with fresh herbs – everything tastes magical!

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