Banana-Banana Bread

Ever have one of those days when you just can’t make up your mind? Today was one of those. Maybe my fickleness is due to the fact it is Friday and the majority of my usable cognitive brain cells have already been expended, or perhaps I can blame it on menopause.I changed my blog layout [Read More]

Morning at the Market

Organic Veggies

Our farmer’s market must rank as one of the best in our region. I had my husband drag the camera along this morning so I could share it with you. Everything at the market is personally grown or crafted as I’ve mentioned in past blogs. But it is more than just the food and crafts [Read More]

Three Flew out of the Coo-coo’s Nest

We visited our middle son last week in Tahoe, our youngest son is in Canada for four weeks and next week we’ll head to Seattle to visit our daughter. We’ve become the traveling parents because the chicks have flown the nest. I am amazed how fast the years have come and gone. I remember hearing [Read More]

Tastes Like Whole Wheat Bread!

Gluten Free Whole Wheat Faux Bread Scott & I just returned from a wonderful trip to Lake Tahoe, to visit our son Ryan, who is there on a summer project with Campus Crusade for Christ. The beauty of the lake is beyond description. The water was crystal clear and the most beautiful blue I have [Read More]

Gluten Free Soft Sandwich bread

Gluten Free Soft Sandwich Bread I’ve posted before how many times I’ve made a loaf of gluten free bread only to have it fall in the last part of baking; the once glorious risen loaf, now a deflated counterpart to it’s distant cousin “Mr. Gluten” who remains puffed up in all his glory. Well, now [Read More]

Strawberry-Rhubarb Cobbler (Gluten-free)

Strawberry-Rhubarb Cobbler (Gluten-free)

When I was a little girl I remember visiting my grandparents’ farm where my sister and I would grab a basket and head to the chicken coop to gather fresh farm eggs. Today, I can purchase farm fresh eggs at my local farmer’s market. If you’ve ever tasted farm fresh eggs, as apposed to store [Read More]

All for a Chocolate Chip Cookie!

My husband and son are away on a motorcycle trip traveling 1700 miles up through Canada. Last night they came across a black bear, which, other than the scenery of Banff and Lake Louise, has been a highlight. They took both our cameras, so today I decided to stop by Walmart and pick up a [Read More]

Thoughts on marriage

At the end of this month my husband Scott and I will celebrate 26 years of marriage. Today’s blog is not so much about my gluten free recipes as it is about a recipe for a lasting marriage. I would love to say that we’ve had a perfect marriage, but we haven’t, and quite honestly, [Read More]