At the end of this month my husband Scott and I will celebrate 26 years of marriage. Today’s blog is not so much about my gluten free recipes as it is about a recipe for a lasting marriage. I would love to say that we’ve had a perfect marriage, but we haven’t, and quite honestly, I don’t know if they exist. The recipe that has made our marriage last through the good times and the bad has been forgiving one another, keeping short accounts, good¬†communication,¬†serving one another, laughing at each other and ourselves, and loving often.

I realize through the years when problems arise in our marriage it is usually due to selfishness on one of our parts. Learning to compromise and being willing to watch out for each other’s best interests are good ingredients for a happy marriage. Always remember to look at your spouse as a gift. Don’t take them for granted. Find small ways to show you appreciate them.
About a year ago Scott bought a motorcycle. I called it his mid-life-crisis, but he didn’t agree. He wanted so desperately for me to ride with him. He purchased a comfortable seat for me, bought me wide floor boards to rest my feet on, and many other products to make the ride as comfy as possible. Two weeks ago we rode a little over 600 miles together. He asked me when we got home if I loved riding the motorcycle. I sayed, “I don’t love riding, but I love you, and so I ride.” He smiled and I smiled back.

The foundation of our home has been the word of God. It sustains us, gives us renewed strength, disciplines us, and draws us closer to each other. Like our marriage, I’d love to say I’ve followed God’s word without question, but I haven’t. I am a sinner, saved by His grace, and the closer I adhere to His loving Word, the sweeter my marriage becomes.


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  1. LauriepJuly 17, 2010 at 12:52 PM
    Beautiful words to take heed to .. I will have been with Paul Aug 13 this year 18 years. It goes by fast. But you are so right we grow and change, and we try to grow together as a family unit and the unity of God in our lives also helps keep us on the right path. My family keeps me grounded even when I feel like I will crash land. Seeing a smile, hearing them laughing, arguing.. and seeing the love in their eyes makes all the hard times somehow not seem so hard.. I am glad to reconnect with you on a different level. Thanks for this ..


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