Hello, I’m Laurie and my blog is my attempt of feeling like I’m some famous chef when in reality, I’m just a cook who likes to get her hands messy in the kitchen. My mother & grandmother gave me a love for cooking and taught me to sprinkle a pinch of this and a dash of that to make magic happen.

As a child I rode a cow around the pasture because we never owned a horse, plucked the feathers off of headless chickens with my grandmother, and helped my father gut anything from a trout to a deer, you know, everyone’s childhood, right? I was diagnosed with a gluten intolerance at the age of two and growing up thought I was the only one on the planet who couldn’t eat a Twinkie or a Ding Dong; although now I realize that was a good thing!

I did not go to culinary school or train under a famous chef, but I watched my mom fry a mean slice of Bologna that magically turned into the shape of a bowl on a hot skillet, and my grandmother, who grew up during the Depression, use the leftover milk from our cereal bowls to make a batch of brownies, ew! I’ve eaten everything from alligator to rattle snake, and I promise I will never make a recipe with either; although I must say, they both taste a bit like chicken.

I am a wife of one, mother of three, and grandmother of three. The most important things in my life are my relationship with God and my family. My perfect day would consist of preparing a meal, then gathering family and friends around the table, feasting on food & wine, and enjoying laughter into the night. My hope is that God will give me many days like this!

9 comments on “Meet Laurie”

  1. Hi Laurie, very excited to explore your blog and recipes. I read on Facebook that I could buy product from you??? Although, I do love to cook, time is not always in my favour. Would like to have the option if possible.

  2. Hey Laurie,

    It is a pleasure to meet you! I suffer from celiac disease too and it is great to read so many interesting articles and recipes about it!

    Have you ever tried pão de queijo (cheese roll) from Brazil? They are a gluten-free alternative for breads and I just love them!!!

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