Oh my, how life is changing! I walked into Subway the other day and was about to order a salad, AGAIN, because that is all you can order at Subway when you have a gluten allergy. But on this particular day, the manager came up to me and asked if I would like to try a Subway sandwich, a gluten-free Subway sandwich! Say what? Of course I was all in!

Gluten-free Subway Sandwich
Gluten-free Subway Sandwich

Making the Sandwich

I was most impressed with their careful attention to making sure the gluten-free Subway sandwich remained gluten-free from start to finish. The same person who begins the sandwich will be the one to finish it. The assembly line of switching hands between two to three servers no longer applies. The server will place a new pair of gloves on, remove the gluten-free Subway sandwich bread from the plastic sealed bag, and place it on a clean protective paper. They are given a list of gluten-free meats & sauces, and all the veggies are in separate, sealed containers to assure no cross contamination has occurred.

Prepackaged Gluten-free Subway Bread
Prepackaged Gluten-free Subway Bread

Tasting the Sandwich

The bread has a soft and airy texture, consisting mainly of egg whites and cornstarch. Not the best of ingredients in my opinion, but the bread did taste good. And if you’re on the road and in a pinch, hitting a Subway for dinner and knowing you have options is a bonus.

A Bite of Gluten-free Subway Sandwich
A Bite of Gluten-free Subway Sandwich

I am not sure all Subways will be carrying a gluten-free Subway sandwich because it is up to each franchise as to whether or not they will carry them. But next time you are in your local Subway, just ask the manager. Get the word out that you would like a gluten-free Subway sandwich and they just might respond!

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    • Hi John, not all Subways carry the gluten-free bread option. I would call ahead to ask if they do carry it. I had my gluten-free Subway sandwich in Pullman, WA. They have to go through training and bring in extra equipment, so my guess is only busy stores will carry it.

  1. I went into a Subway today and asked for gluten free bread. He said any of the kinds of bread were gf. I ordered and I’m pretty sure he was not telling me the truth. I’m sensitive to gluten and now am sick. Do any stores have all kinds of gf bread?

    • The gluten-free bread will be in a separate package and is not baked in their stores. Most definitely he did not know what he was talking about! Not every Subway carries it, so I would check with a manager or the owner of the Subway. I hope you feel better soon!

  2. I live in Live Oak, Fl. in the winter & Balsam Lake, Wi. in the summer. Is there a gluten free Subway near me & if not why?

    • Hi Carol, not all Subways carry the gluten-free bread option. I would call ahead to ask if they do carry it. Each Subway franchise owner determines if it will be carried because their employees must go through special training, and they have to purchase extra equipment, so my guess is only busy & higher profitable Subway’s will carry it.

  3. how do I know what items do NOT contain wheat or corn. sensitive to BOTH wheat and corn.! Do meatballs contain gluten bread crumbs. Where can I find the details for all sandwich meats?

  4. Get it double toasted, it changes the texture of the bread and won’t fall apart like it does untoasted or only toasted once.

    • Hi Destiny,

      I must say I am very frustrated with Subway’s nutritional and ingredient guide on their website. I searched the web for nearly 20 minutes trying to find this answer for you. Subway does not even list gluten-free bread on their website. I’m sure this is due to the fact they do not carry it at every Subway. Nevertheless, I was disappointed I was unable to find an answer for you. Next time I am in my local Subway I will check the ingredient list for you. I remember the two main ingredients being Cornstarch and eggs. Not great ingredients, but it does taste good to have a Subway sandwich instead of a salad for a change.

  5. I live in Boiling Springs, SC and the Subway that is near me says he has never heard of gluten free bread for subway sandwich… how can I get him to at least try to order… I miss having a sub sandwich…. can anyone help?

    • Hi Lisa,

      Gluten free subway bread seems to be offered in larger target markets. It’s also expensive for each franchisee to bring in extra equipment for baking the bread, so some may opt out due to expense. If he’s never heard of the gluten-free Subway bread, I would encourage him to contact the Subway headquarters for information.

    • Hi Lisa, I have no affiliation with Subway, I only wrote a blog review on my local Subway in Washington State that carries gluten-free bread. Unfortunately, I am unable to help answer that question due to not being familiar with other Subway stores and areas. You may be able to contact the Subway headquarters to find out. Good luck!

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