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Gluten Intolerance Linked to Autoimmune Diseases?

My mother suffers from five autoimmune diseases. They wreak havoc on her body as they work to destroy her from the inside out. She suffers from Lupus, Raynauds, Sjogrens, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and the worst of them all, Scleroderma (a connective tissue disorder). The scleroderma has settled in her lungs, creating a calcification, similar to scar tissue. [Read More]

Raspberry Freezer Jam…so easy!

Gone are the days when one slaves over a hot stove in a sweltering kitchen to make jam for the winter months. Freezer jam is simple and even the most challenged in the art of domestication can produce a batch to brag about. One of the main reasons I love freezer jam–the fruit still tastes [Read More]

All for a Chocolate Chip Cookie!

My husband and son are away on a motorcycle trip traveling 1700 miles up through Canada. Last night they came across a black bear, which, other than the scenery of Banff and Lake Louise, has been a highlight. They took both our cameras, so today I decided to stop by Walmart and pick up a [Read More]