Our farmer’s market must rank as one of the best in our region. I had my husband drag the camera along this morning so I could share it with you. Everything at the market is personally grown or crafted as I’ve mentioned in past blogs. But it is more than just the food and crafts that keeps me going back for more.
Living in a relatively small town, you run into people you know on every corner, so a trip to the market is never quick. It’s a time to catch up with old friends, make new acquaintances, enjoy the eclectic group of people from our community, and pick up a few fruits and veggies along the way.
I am always drawn to the flowers first. There are several vendors who pick fresh bouquets from their gardens. I have to peruse every stand before choosing.
Our next stop along the way is the Boothman’s stand.
Roger and Kristine are dear friends that go back to our
college days. They travel 3 1/2 hours every weekend to
bring their wares to the market. I’ve been told that Kristine
is a fabulous bread maker, but I have to take my husband’s
word on that, because she doesn’t bake gluten free.
They also bring over delicious fruits and vegetables.
Tonight we’ll enjoy freshly cut sweet corn.
Another stop along the way we find
fresh carrots, potatoes, and garlic.
Music fills the air every Saturday morning with a different band.
This morning we enjoyed the Hog Heaven Big Band.
At the end of our day I chose my prize bouquet!
And now I’ll enjoy them for the week.

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