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When Life Throws a Curveball


Sometimes life throws a curveball and it’s hard to hit back. Before I began blogging I read online how to write a blog; what to say, what not to say. Keep it lite, keep it fun, keep it about your niche, don’t be negative, don’t talk about depressing issues, and never ever talk about death. [Read More]

IFBC 2013 Food Bloggers Conference

In less than one week I will be heading to Seattle for the IFBC 2013 (International Food Bloggers Conference)! My husband has enjoyed watching me blog over the years, creating yummy, sometimes interesting food for him to sample, and watching my passion for cooking in the kitchen grow into a pleasurable hobby. He was sitting [Read More]

Hiking around Mt. Rainier

There is nothing quite like the mountains. The clean air drawn deep into my lungs filled with the scent of pine brings about a sense of quiet relaxation. Twenty-six years ago my husband and I camped, just the two of us. We camped primitively back then; a small pup tent, sleeping bags and a few [Read More]