My son is getting married in two weeks! Plans were coming along rather smoothly until I went to try on the dress I had purchased a few months back one size too small, because everyone knows how smart that logic is! “Ooh, I know, I’ll buy my dress one size too small and then I’ll be forced to diet for the wedding.” Can anyone say, S-T-U-P-I-D! Of course the crash dieting began a week ago, when panic set in after a long camping trip of eating way too much junk food. But I’m pleased to say that after eating rabbit food all week, along with my lean protein and exercising until I’m blue in the face, I have dropped a couple of pounds! But who wouldn’t, my diet has consisted of scrambled eggs for breakfast, vegetables with humus for lunch, almonds & apple slices for a snack, and lean protein with vegetables for dinner. Nothing awe-inspiring here, but it’s working, and I just might get into that mother of the groom dress after all. Actually, I have no choice, so come Aug 31st, I’m walking down that aisle, ready or not!

My husband and I celebrated 30 blissful years of marriage on July 28th. Okay, they weren’t all blissful.  There has been a lot of hard work along the way to make it to 30, much in the area of forgiveness and learning to serve one another. It only took us about this many years to get that right. But right it is, and I am very blessed to have my best friend to walk through life with, even when it gets a little crazy. If you haven’t figured out by now, I have no recipe to share with you, unless of course, you want “The perfect diet food to starve yourself into a dress you bought too small”. Yada, yada, yada, I’m sure you are feeling great sympathy toward me at this point. So without a recipe I’ll share a few pictures I took on our recent trip through Montana and Idaho.

Our first stop was Missoula, Montana. Not usually a destination place, but it just so happened that on this particular Tuesday evening, Sir Paul McCartney was playing at Grizzly Stadium. I can only say Wow! I sure hope I am as agile at 72 as he is! He sang his heart out for over three hours, every Beatles song I could remember. So awesome!

Sir Paul McCartney
Paul McCartney, a once in a Lifetime Concert!

After the concert, we made our way toward the Sawtooth Mountains. Now this is God’s Country! The scenery was beyond spectacular; the kind that takes your breath away. My images are not as spectacular, due to the fact I used my iPhone, but they are not bad and still give a glimpse into the beauty we encountered.

Sawtooth Mountains
The Sawtooth Mountains captured with my iPhone.

One of my favorite things to do while driving (in the passenger side) I had to clarify that, you may have thought I was taking pictures while driving! Um, no, I do other stupid things like buy dresses too small, but not take pictures while driving. But I do love to click the camera as my husband drives. It is fun to see what you can capture going 60 MPH down the highway! Here are a few of my favorites, minus the large one taken by Red Fish Lake.

60MPH Photos
Capturing images at 60 MPH.


The last part of our journey we made our way toward McCall, Idaho. We had such a wonderful evening eating fresh Idaho trout, enjoying a breathtaking sunset, and ending the evening with a small outdoor concert.

McCall. Idaho
A beautiful evening in McCall, Idaho.

We had such an amazing trip, and now our sights are set toward celebrating a wedding. It’s hard for me to believe my little boy who asked if he could marry me when he was four years old, has found the woman of his dreams. Such a sweet time in life. My heart is full.

Getting married
My son with the girl of his dreams. Soon to be married.

PS- If you have not seen The Hundred-Foot Journey starring Helen Mirren, it is a culinary delight of a movie. In theaters now, and worth the time and money!

Here’s a quick peak: The Hundred-Foot Journey

10 comments on “Never Buy a Dress One Size too Small!”

  1. Very nice pictures! Having lived in Washington, Idaho and Oregon most of my life, I really enjoy seeing and hearing others appreciate the beautiful things of our area!!

    Your son and his fiancee are a very good-looking couple! Hope you get into that dress!

    Congratulations on your wedding anniversary and may you have many more years together! My husband and I are at 56 years.

    • Thank you, Jeanne, and congratulations on 56 years! I’m sticking to this crazy diet for the next two weeks, so I think I’ll make it into the dress. We are having a full weekend of events for the wedding, including a big pancake feed the morning of the wedding. I’m making the gluten-free pancakes, so hopefully I’ll be able to spare the calories that day. I will look forward to sinking my teeth into them after having lived on veggies for the past 3 weeks!

  2. Your pictures were GORGEOUS! Surely, God’s country and congrats to you on 30 years and early congrats to your son 🙂 My husband and I just celebrated a year on 7/20. Marriage is a beautiful thing 🙂

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