Product Review for Sonoma Flat Breads GF Pizza

New gluten-free products are popping up almost daily, so it is not easy to sift the good from the not-so-good products. Not only that, buying gluten-free is expensive, so you want to know a product is worth investing in and will deliver in taste and texture. I’ve mentioned before that my husband is a good tester of gluten-free because he’s not gluten-free. He knows what the full gluten products taste like and he can tell me if a new gluten-free item comes close. His review of Sonoma Flat Breads gluten-free pizza, ‘Wow! I’d eat this pizza over gluten pizza any day!’ I have to agree with him, Sonoma Flat Breads GF pizza knocked this one out of the ball park!

Gluten-free BBQ Chicken & Bacon Pizza

Gluten-free BBQ Chicken & Bacon Pizza
Gluten-free BBQ Chicken & Bacon Pizza is a winner!

Their certified GF pizza contains no preservatives, artificial flavors or colors! The chicken they use is antibiotic-free, humanely raised, and fed a vegetarian diet and none of their meats contain nitrates or nitrites! You can read about their story here.

Why I Would Buy Sonoma Flat Breads GF Pizza

I absolutely loved the sweet and spicy BBQ sauce and the crust was AWE-mazing! Thin and crisp, and it cooked in just 9 minutes. I purchased my Sonoma Flatbreads GF Pizza at Costco but click here to find out where it can be purchased elsewhere.

If you are craving pizza, don’t miss out on trying Sonoma Flat Breads Gluten-free BBQ Chicken & Bacon Pizza, deliciousness in every bite!

8 comments on “Sonoma Flat Breads GF Pizza Review”

  1. Love the Serious meat pizza fromcosco. Would love to try the chicer
    N and bacon and others. Will try to find sources for all inn the south Dallas area.

  2. I tried the chicken fijatias pizza. It was so delicious. Do you not make it anymore. I live in the State of Washington. I find it very difficult to find any of your Sonoma flatbreads. Please help.

  3. Just tried the GF pizza mentioned above and was very pleased. Do you make any other flavors? If so, what kind and where can I find it? I purchased this one at Safeway in Lakeside, AZ.

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