There are many reasons why you should grow your own micro-greens, and you don’t need a green house, just a nice sunny windowsill. As long as you have a warm sunny area in your kitchen or a spare room, you can grow micro-greens.


What Exactly are Micro-Greens?

Micro-greens are tiny edible green vegetables or sprouted grains. You can grow micro-greens from seeds such as broccoli, red clover, sunflower, amaranth, buckwheat, etc. Studies have shown that the small juvenile plants, as opposed to their full-grown mature plants, contain a higher density of Vitamins C, K, E, and A. This high density of vitamins gives a powerful punch when it comes to nutrient density. Put micro-greens on your salad, a sandwich, in a slaw, or as a garnish.


How to Grow Micro-Greens:

You will need two small growing trays, approximately 2 inches high, and then whatever length and width best fits your area. Fill one tray with about an inch and a half deep of potting soil. The micro-greens do not need a large amount of dirt because their roots do not mature before you cut them. Spread the variety of seed you choose over the top of the soil and spray generously with water from a spray bottle. Place your other tray over the top of the seeds, so no light comes in. This allows the seed to sprout without the root section becoming too leggy. Place the tray in a warm sunny spot and mist with the spray bottle two to three times a day. Keep the other black tray over the top of your seedlings for three days. On the fourth day, remove the tray and allow the sunlight to wash over the seedlings. Continue spraying two to three times a day for a total of seven more days. Your micro-greens are ready to cut around ten days from planting. Remove the micro-greens by snipping near the roots with a pair of scissors.

How to Enjoy Micro-greens:

I have a few favorite ways to enjoy my micro-greens. I love to add them to my salads or use as a small garnish on top of fish, chicken, or beef dishes. You can juice them, although it takes a lot of micro-greens to make a glass of green juice.




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