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Powerful Quinoa Salad with Orange-Cumin Dressing

Nutritional Quinoa Salad

This cancer-fighting salad brings with it one powerful, nutritional punch! (an updated note: this recipe took the $1,000 Grand Prize in a recipe contest I entered!) I have analyzed each ingredient and the nutritional benefits they bring to your body. This is one heart healthy, cancer-fighting, anti-inflammatory salad that tastes so delicious, not only will [Read More]

Moroccan-Spiced Black Bean Chili

Moroccan Black Bean Chili

We have a wonderful little bistro in our neighboring town, which makes a delicious Moroccan Black Bean chili; the only problem is it is not gluten free. After I took a few bites, I asked what the ingredients were (a dangerous thing to do when you are gluten free). In other words, don’t do it! [Read More]