I’m sure you have all seen on Facebook and other social media realms, the ply for Meal Prep Food in a box plans. I was a bit skeptical with the whole ‘deliver my dinner in a box that I still have to prepare’, but needless to say, they got me with the ‘Try four free meals on us’. Of course FREE is always a relative term. What’s the catch, right? You receive four meals for free and pay for two. They come with three meals in a delivered box, once a week. If you continue with their services, you can opt out of any weeks you are unavailable or don’t want delivery. Each meal for the gluten-free option costs $13.49 per person. This may seem like a lot, but consider how much waste you have when cleaning out your fridge. If you are like me, we’re down to just two of us in the house. When I purchase items for a recipe, I may only use a tablespoon or two and then a month down the road realize I have to throw out the rest of the jar because I never used it again. The concise amount of ingredients does away with excess waste. The recipes are restaurant quality, and all the ingredients are certified organic, non-GMO, sustainably sourced, with a gluten-free option package. You can check out the Green Chef Here to get started on your four free meals!

Green Chef Delivers

Green Chef Meal Plan

I opened my first box from Green Chef to find the recipes on top, with the ingredients enclosed in a natural bag of jute fibers. The recipes list the calories for each meal, along with all ingredients and the step by step instructions on how to prepare the meal. My husband and I grabbed a glass of wine and enjoyed cooking the meal together.

Green Chef Packaging on Ice

Organic Green Chef Ingredients

Green Chef Meats & Sauces

Three layers of Nordic frozen ice will assure your food is delivered cold and fresh. The meats are 100% organic, nitrate-free, and free range. Check out their organic suppliers here.

Cooking Your Meals

The recipes also come with a time allotment, so you know exactly how much time is needed to cook your meals. I found the time to be accurate. The step by step instructions with pictures for every step were very helpful, especially for this cook who likes to do away with recipes and just add a pinch of this and a dash of that!

Three Delicious Meals

Buttermilk Brined Chicken with Arugula Fig Salad
Buttermilk Brined Chicken with Arugula Fig Salad


Mozzeralla Burger with Tomato Jam & Bacon Slaw
Mozzarella Burger with Tomato Jam & Bacon Slaw
Insulate Caprese Salad
Insulate Caprese Salad

Is Green Chef Economical?

The BIG question, is Green Chef economical? Well, this depends on how you look at it. I work an 8 to 5 job Monday through Friday. Often, I have not prepared ahead, so we go out to dinner quite often. Certainly Green Chef will help bring down the cost of eating out every other day.

Is Green Chef for Everyone?

It may be too expensive for larger families, but my husband and I found the portions quite large and found we could easily have left overs to cover the following day’s lunch.

Over-all Consensus-

I loved the packaging, the sourcing for ingredients, the presentation, and the taste. Will I continue with the service. Yes, at least for a while, or until I decide I’m ready to be the full chef again with all the prep that brings!




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