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What You Eat Matters…Period.

Keto Meal

What you eat matters. Let me say it again, what you eat matters! I’ve been on a journey these past six weeks, which is the reason for not posting for quite some time. I turned 55 in September. By the time my mother was 55, she had renal kidney cancer, esophagus surgery, lupus, scleroderma, Sjogren’s [Read More]

Grain-free Christmas Spiced Thumbprint Cookies


When my husband walked through the kitchen today asking what I was making, I proudly responded, ‘Grain-free Christmas spiced thumbprint cookies! They have no grains, no dairy, no eggs, and no sugar.’ ‘Aw, you mean they have no taste!’ he exclaimed. ‘Don’t judge before you try them,’ I retorted. While still warm from the oven, I took [Read More]